About Charey K Fox

I am a visionary and entrepreneur.  I own and manage The Source Community Healing Oasis, a wellness and event space with over 20 small businesses, having multiple streams of income and longevity through economic downturns, and open since 2006.  I have chutzpah to see your business dreams to fruit.

I am a minister and use gratitude as a resource for my mission, hosting Grateful Space, a weekly gratitude group, meets every Monday from 6:15-7:15.

I am an artist with a BFA and now consider myself a consciousness artist.  My palette is spaces, both physical and psychic, rearranging the material universe to uplift moods and using practices and techniques to open awareness and hearts, for individuals, couples, and groups. 

My journey on the path grew out of my own pain. I struggled with my health, my skewed sense of self-worth, and a lack of confidence and purpose. 

The turning point came when I began to understand that my mind, body, and spirit are interconnected, that damage reflects like a cascade to every part of life, and ultimately, healing came through a complete dedication to my own heart’s great yearning and the myriad of adventures it led me on.

In searching for a better way of being, traveling all over the globe and studying and practicing countless techniques I was helped to heal by extraordinary friends and teachers, the greatest of which modeled radical love, gratitude, and the courage to be vulnerable. 

Along with skills that can gently and profoundly shift your perspective, I am holstered with an ability to truly see you, accept you and allow you to come into union with your own self love.

My disclaimer:  I am not a licensed psychotherapist or social worker.  I am not a doctor and cannot prescribe or diagnose you.  I also do not accept insurance.

Here are a few of the techniques and practices I use regularly in my service:

Relationship Enhancement or RE

This empathy communication practice is foundational in my ability to listen well. I also teach it to individuals and couples, co facilitate groups, and lead practice groups.

Voice Dialogue

This is one of my favorite tools which I have over 25 years experience with. I guide you in a conversation with different aspects of yourself.  Inner conflicts resolve.  Patterns and addictions and disowned parts can be reclaimed.  With minimal experience a phenomenon occurs, awakening your “Aware Will”, producing self-love, clarity, and an ability to tap an unlimited potential. 

For couples, this experience builds understanding, releases projections and increases intimacy.

Neuro-linguistic Programming, NLP

This technique builds new neuro-pathways to produce positive experiences when a well-worn trauma response is your norm.

Systemic Family Constellations

In Systemic Family Constellations, we make our internal patterns conscious. We learn to love, honor, and remember in a way that frees us to be ourselves.  Because of its effectiveness with the most stuck patterns, this technique is woven through all my work.  It is also extraordinary to experience in a group.  *Look for my monthly group constellation workshops.*

I have over 10  years experience and have held workshops on a monthly basis for 5 years.

Emotional Freedom Technique or EFT

This is a stress and trauma releasing technique that I teach and guide. You tap gently on key “meridian” points on your body and this clears painful feelings and memories and can dissolve physical issues, phobias, in just minutes.

I facilitate a weekly, Monday night drop-in Breakthrough group from 5:15-6:15 that primarily employs  EFT as well as other simple somatic tools.