"Make it Magnificent!
I came to see Charey when I had been stuck for a long time in a quicksand place in the process of getting through a divorce. I asked Charey to be my divorce doula, to gain some ground and birth this baby. Soon into our first meeting I felt a wonderful embrace of my personhood and a feeling of being well met. She was meeting the part of me acting for my highest good and wanting for me to make this healing be not only integral but magnificent. That was the underlying intention of our work together.  Charey helped me navigate through some old wounds inhibiting my current process. I came in feeling dejected and carrying some of that old shame many of us carry. Parts work in the family constellation mode of therapy worked excellently in my quandary and Charey guided me in an intuitive way to bring about some amazing shifts. I continue to benefit from the work, digesting the bits as my psyche is more and more open to allowing the change. I am so grateful for the therapeutic guidance I received from Charey Fox." 

(a grateful client)

"Chareyโ€™s Monday night EFT tapping group, followed by her gratitude circle have been instrumental in allowing me to grow emotionally in a loving, supportive environment. The groups allow me space to uncover, explore  & heal from childhood trauma. Being in the gratitude group has been a wonderful weekly way to say โ€œThanksโ€ to the universe for all its help and love.

Five years ago I joined these groups while staying in NM for some months. The work quickly produced results that tangibly shifted my financial situation and relationships. I moved back to Texas and have recently joined her zoom meetings, and am experiencing breakthroughs again." 

~Kelly Smoot
Writer, Geologist, Astrologer

Cultivating The Space For Grace
Space For Grace Consulting
Charey K Fox
3534 Anderson Ave SE
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"Through Charey's compassion-infused ability to hold space, I am increasingly able to explore aspects of myself and how these aspects intersect with my daily life. Her gentle guidance affords me the grace to locate and recognize the solutions I seek within me -- the true expression of freedom!" 

~Christina Marie Welz


"I was first introduced to Charey Fox by way of EFT/Gratitude group.  Through these classes Charey has opened my ability to stay focused with tools and techniques to work out issues through self awareness and gratitude.  With the immense trust I have in Charey she introduced me to deeper healing processes such as Constellations and NLP.  Self work is never easy and very involved, but Charey works with you through the process explaining in detail what is happening.  Charey has incredible passion and it shows in her follow-through.  If you don't-follow up with her she will follow-up with you.  Through her amazing intuition and ability to reach your soul for healing, she can give you the deeper level of understanding during these self awareness journeys.  Words cannot articulate the calmness and presence she has brought into my life.  She has helped heal the healer." 

~ Rona Tinlin
Empath Healer
Twin Flame/ Divine Partner Guide